Elastic Sewing Cheat Sheet

Many dancers like to use elastic, as well as ribbon to give that extra bit of security while dancing. How and where you stitch your elastic is individual to you but as a guide here is the main place we would advise here at Pose.A. You will have been pointed in the right direction during your fitting… still not sure, we always recommend you check with your teacher!

Step 1.

Open out the shoe and place one side of the elastic just behind the ribbon in the same diagonal angle. As shown by the red dots.

Step 2.  

Stitch one edge of the elastic down and then stitch the other, you do not need to stitch this in a rectangle like the ribbons.Just along the sides as illustrated in black.

Step 3. 

Once one end of the elastic is stitched, position the other end on the other side of the shoe, opposite following the angle of the ribbon as you did on the first side. Be sure to just stitch down the edges and not in a rectangle.

Step 4.

Voila! The elastic should now be stitched in a loop across the instep!