Ribbon Sewing Cheat Sheet

It is a must that your ribbons are sewn and positioned correctly. Insecure ribbons can lead to insecure shoes and that is a massive no no! Pointe shoes need to be tight to the foot whilst dancing, ribbons are their unsung heroes…. TRUST US!

Step 1. 
Fold the satin at the heel of the shoe forward against the insole of the shoe and press as hard as you can. 

Step 2.  
With a pencil, make a mark on the inside lining along the folds you have made in step 1.

Step 3.

Unfold the shoe and lay the ribbon over the pencil line, the line should be down the middle of the ribbon, facing diagonally forward.

Step 4.

Stitch in a rectangle as outlined in black on the image, that reaches at least 2.5 cm down into the shoe. Only sew through the lining of the shoe and not through to the satin on the outside. Stitch just under the binding (where the drawstring lives)