Preparing for a Pointe Shoe Fitting

As well as the fitter being prepared for the fitting, here are some ways the dancer could prep for the fitting too! 
What to wear
  • Comfortable street clothes or dancewear (Dancewear is not a requirement) However the fitter will need to be able to see you ankles
  • Convertible Tights (We can provide a tight pop sock if you don't have these)
Foot Care
  • Clean Feet 
  • Clipped Toe Nails
  • Try to avoid booking the fitting straight after class as sometimes feet can swell

What to bring

  • If it is not a first fitting you may be asked to bring your old shoes so the fitter can asses where they have worn which will help us a lot when choosing your next shoe
  • Your Camera!! Especially for your first pair we want you to be able to look back on this moment!!!