Tendu Yoga brick

Lightweight and can help to improve stretching and strengthening of muscles and posture.

Height 15cm, Width 22.5cm, Depth 7.5cm

Advice from Tendu;

A yoga brick -- or block -- is an essential tool for some styles of stretching. Ballet dancers often use them to enhance their Splits, or gain greater flexibiltty in the hip. If you already have your splits, using yoga blocks is a great way to open up your body for deeper splits.

It can also compensate for lack of flexibility. If you can't quite manage to reach the floor in a forward bend, a brick -- flat or on end -- will have you folded in half like a seasoned yogi.

Use a yoga brick to get into positions that are just outside your reach. This works for rehabilitation from injury, stiffness from a sedentary life, weak or stiff muscles in any part of your anatomy, or an age-related loss of stretch due to the forces of gravity.

Try these poses with a brick or a stack of bricks as a prop and discover the feeling of excellent form.

People often use them in pairs